02/13/2024 • 5 min read

Video: Haworth Designer Kyle Fleet's Story

Exploring Haworth's design philosophy and evolution

by Haworth, Inc.

Explore Haworth's design process with Kyle Fleet, a principal designer in our seating studio with 11+ years of experience. In this video, he shares his design journey from a childhood fascination with tools to crafting designs for Haworth.

Watch the full video to learn more about Kyle’s journey and Haworth's design process.

Kyle's connection with Haworth began during his first NeoCon visit. The Haworth showroom left an indelible mark with its spirit of innovation and design-forward approach. From the beginning, the commitment to creating chairs that are more human and less machine struck a chord with Kyle.

I'll tell you what I fell in love with about Haworth from the time I started here. The conversation in the studio was already all about how we could create a chair that was more human, less machine. That design philosophy resonated with me, with who I am as a designer. It fit right in with my own personal philosophy.

Kyle Fleet

Haworth Principal Designer

Kyle emphasizes that the theme of "more human" is evident in Zody, which is realized through our meticulous research and design. He elaborates on how we expanded on this theme to bring Fern to life, discussing the rewards of bringing this chair into production. Additionally, he touches upon Haworth's ongoing commitment to research, ergonomics, and engineering, aiming to create chairs that enhance the human experience.

Discover how our in-house team—comprising experts in research, ergonomics, engineering, and design—collaborates to create solutions that elevate our standard every day.


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