AIACourse #: HAW 588, HSW

IDCEC Course #: CEU-106448, HSW

Subject Code: 3. Interior Design Education / 1. Instruction

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Course Description: 

Affordances are the characteristics of a space that encourage certain behaviors. This course presents the physical, emotional and cognitive affordances that every worker must have to do their work and the role of the workplace in providing them.

Course Objectives:

Explain the 3 emotional affordances: affinity, authenticity and well-being and describe the part the workplace plays in helping to create a positive emotional atmosphere

Explain the 3 physical affordances: anthropometrics, ambients and movement and describe the role of the workplace in supporting physical comfort and health

Explain the 4 cognitive affordances: access, insulation, externalizing and embedding and show how the workplace can literally help us think

Explain the concept of affordance and how it relates to the physical workplace

Content Outline:

1. Introductions:
      ◦ Simple audience survey about affordances
      ◦ Affordance exercise
2. Explanation of Cognitive Affordances and principle behind each one
3. Explanation of Emotional Affordances and principle behind each one
4. Explanation of Physical Affordances and principle behind each one
5. Question & Answer
6. Summary and Conclusion