Office Acoustics in the Hybrid Work Era

Noise is the top employee complaint in office spaces. Hybrid workplaces need to create a buzz in the office while limiting distractions for focus work—requiring proper acoustics between collaborative group spaces and individual workspaces. Office layouts, surface materials, and acoustic products each affect an office’s sound landscape.

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Modern Privacy Pods

Our Hushoffice pods are modular quiet spaces with a range of sizes, from a phone booth to an entire meeting room. They help block outside sound and offer a comfortable, climate-controlled environment for private conversations or focus work.

Spaces to Restore

People seek out quiet spaces for various reasons: to concentrate on important work, to hold virtual meetings with remote coworkers, or to escape busy areas for a brief reset. Comfortable, acoustically balanced rooms provide opportunities for restoration in the workplace.

Soft Lounge Furniture

Designing an acoustically balanced office space requires attention to detail: from large acoustic wall panels to soft chairs and couches that help absorb sound. We offer comfortable furniture products that contribute to reducing ambient noise.