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The new Downtown Crossing location is a living lab for evolving changes to the office + provides a discovery space for what is coming next

March 29, 2023 – A new Boston showroom from Haworth and Environments at Work opened on March 28th and represents the intersection of physical and digital work. The space, located at 101 Arch Street, provides a living lab for new ways of working and the latest innovative solutions.

“Every day, we hear from our customers that are working through drastic changes for the office and want to know more about how it will continue to evolve,” said Ken Patrick, Environments At Work Founding Partner. “As our team came back to the office, we knew we had to set the stage with a great space that experiments with these changes and helps our clients solve for their needs over time.”

Jason Helmer, Haworth’s Sales Director in Boston added: “This space is also about bringing two incredibly complementary businesses together in the same space. Haworth is design led, global and family-owned organization that has an amazing partner in Environments at Work. Their industry expertise, proven process and connection to the community will bring our clients the best of both worlds.”
The Haworth and Environments at Work Boston showroom provides engaging moments to showcase the future of work. Some of the spaces and products included are:

  • Pergola – This freestanding architectural workspace, that also functions as an office space divider, is used to define spaces for connection, collaboration or focus.
  • Seating – From the latest in ergonomic chairs to sofas and stools, the Boston showroom offers seating in desk, hospitality, conference and executive settings.
  • Compose Echo – These innovative, modular workplace systems create mobile workstations that allow the new space to flex and teams to focus or collaborate.
  • Walls – Moveable wall solutions allow for configuration (and re-configuration) of private spaces within the new space. A range of options is precisely tailored for building conditions without the permanence of construction.
  • Accessories – Patterned rugs and modern lighting combine with technology and power solutions to make the showroom both beautiful and functional.
  • Global brands – The craftsmanship of Italian artisans, precision of German engineering and ideas from emerging North American designers combine to create an intelligent and inspirational environment.


* Additional photography of the space and opening event are available

Globally, Haworth enriches spaces with award-winning furniture, interior architecture, luxury lifestyle products and technology solutions to help create beautiful rooms and achieve business goals. With a strong history of craft, innovation and 400 patents, Haworth is committed to protecting and restoring the environment; creating economic value; and supporting and strengthening communities. Founded in 1948, Haworth remains family-owned, serving markets in more than 120 countries through a global network of 650 dealers and 7,500 employees. Headquartered in Holland, Michigan, U.S.A, the company has net sales of $2.5 billion USD.