We Know Sitting

We Know Sitting

With over three decades of knowledge, science-based research, and ergonomic expertise, we understand sitting and how to support people at work. Our chairs are designed with you in mind. Each one—in its own form—engineered to provide the comfort you need to focus and get into the flow.

See how we’re doing more than evolving the way office seating looks. We’re evolving the way people look at office seating.


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We study the relationship between the human body and chair to minimize your discomfort and promote well-being. Through global partnerships, our task chairs accommodate the breadth of body sizes to ensure fit each designed and engineered to offer choice in how you perform.


Where you sit affects your bodyand your ability to focus. Our commitment to the science of sitting is grounded in our history of strong design, engineering, manufacturing, and ergonomic expertise. This foundational knowledge is built into every chair, to support you at work and keep you focused.


With the comfort our task seating provides, you're able to get into the flow (also known as the zone)that mental state of full immersion into an activity. When you're in flow state, your performance peaks—and so does your creativity.

Sit with Purpose

You spend a lot of time sitting at work—and your office chair plays a significant role. It’s at the center of your work, helping you stay comfortable and focused. That’s when work happens and your potential is unlocked. Haworth seating is designed for your body—no matter who you are, or where you work.

Learn more about our portfolio of high-performance task seating, and find the chair that suits you best.


The pinnacle of performance

Innovative, bold design that delivers total back support and an edgeless comfort experience that sets a new industry standard in comfort.

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Fern provides an edgeless comfort experience to take away distractions—so you can perform your best. The Wave Suspension System™ is the heart of the chair and the key to its back comfort and flexibility, actively responding to your every movement. Its innovative, bold design delivers total back support, enveloping your body to enhance your sitting experience. Fern sets a new industry standard in comfort that has transformed task seating.


Proven performance and comfort

An award-winning industry leader that blends science-based well-being with global design and sustainability.

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A product of extensive research and development, Zody blends science-based well-being with global design and sustainability—the high achiever every office needs. Zody is intuitively adjustable, starting with the advanced features that support your lower back. The built-in Pelvic and Asymmetrical Lumbar® (PAL) adjusts on either side of your lower back, cradling the body for maximum comfort, and fitting the breadth of your workforce. An award-winning industry leader, Zody tunes to your ideal comfort level, so you'll never feel like you're sitting in someone else's chair.


Family of seating that unites people and spaces

Individual comfort and support with universal appeal in a family of seating for the entire workspace.

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Very provides individual comfort and support with universal appeal in a family of seating for the entire workspace. From responsive comfort to high ergonomic performance, there's a Very chair for everyone. The task chair's intuitive lumbar support, with patented asymmetrical control and supportive mesh, enhances comfort to enable performance for a variety of tasks. Designers appreciate how the Very family of seating offers versatility in materiality choices and visual consistency in design to the office landscape.


Thoughtful design and informed ergonomics

Individual comfort and support with universal appeal in a family of seating for the entire workspace.

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From the second you sit down, Soji brings your body and mind into sync—so you can enjoy healthier levels of performance, no matter where you work. Soji is a highly-adjustable task chair with more ergonomic options than most task seating in its class—without sacrificing comfort or design. Soji efficiently satisfies workplace strategies for better well-being. Employees will appreciate the effortless comfort while designers will love the refined color and finish options.

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