Beside® Storage Pantry

Designed by Haworth Design Studio

As the nature of how we work continues to change, how people use storage and what they store is changing. The Beside Storage Pantry offers a flexible, efficient solution. It provides multi-functional, customizable, object-based storage where each worker can keep their materials, tools, and personal items at their fingertips. Available in a range of efficient dimensions, Beside Pantry optimizes real estate while giving people personal control of their workspace.


Efficient storage for smaller spaces.

As square footage per employee decreases, the Beside Storage Pantry helps organizations do more with less. Beside Storage Pantry optimizes vertical space to help reduce footprints while still meeting storage requirements. It also doubles as an architectural element that can delineate workspaces and create boundaries. With its diverse application, Beside Storage Pantry allows easy specifying with panel-based systems (replacing the return panel), benching, and tables. 


The Beside Storage Pantry is an efficient, multi-functional, object-based storage solution that lets people store everything in one place.


Variety and choice.

Beside Pantry is available in a range of dimensions with a wide choice of configurations to support a worker’s particular needs. With Beside Pantry, they can stow totes, technology, and other items securely out of sight. Active materials and tools stay organized and accessible. In smaller workstations, Beside Pantry keeps items off the work surface, out of the way. And Beside Pantry has a light-scale, residential aesthetic and four pull styles that complement a variety of applications.


Personal control.

Beside Pantry gives everyone control of their work and workspace, which increases their job satisfaction. It helps people keep everything well organized and where they need it, in sight and in reach or concealed and secure. Also, a pull-out drawer expands to create a privacy element. With so many accessories available—including slat rail inside pantry, adjustable shelf, accessory and file drawers, coat storage, magnetic side saddle, and optional USB power modules—people can customize their Beside Pantry storage to have the most effective configurations.


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