01/18/2022 • 1 min read

International Employees Shine in the Spotlight

A compilation of individual stories, inspiring encounters, and powerful insights

by Haworth, Inc.

The global health crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic not only accelerated existing trends in design, work, and life, but it also highlighted the need for fundamental corporate principles. In short, the essential role of human contact within an organization is vital to success. In-person experiences can enable greater collaboration, nurture culture, and support the long-term continuity of any business.

This last year, and the prior year, brought new and global-impacting challenges. From trends to evolving expectations, at Haworth, we pride ourselves on our ability to keep track of how workplaces are faring. The physical workspace is being reevaluated. Instead of being just a place people are required to be, the workplace is fast becoming a place where people are choosing to meet for spontaneous and informal exchanges, idea sharing, and social connection.

Harness the Power of Light

Discover trends, considerations, and inspiration for well-lit spaces.

Haworth employees analyze, question, and shape solutions to the most current workplace challenges to help our customers embrace flexibility. The new role of the office will ultimately lead to a workplace that promotes balance and equity.

In #voices2022, Haworth employees share their experiences and points of view about this work—outlining a path we want to take further with you in the coming year.    

A Compilation of Inspiration

International employees shine in the spotlight in #Voices2022. Learn from individual stories and inspiring encounters. Take a seat and enjoy the reading!


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