Compose® Workspaces

Designed by Studio & Partners & Bob Wayner

Today’s workspaces must be highly versatile to support collaboration, communication, and individual work—often all at once. Offering panels of varying heights and freestanding options within an integrated system, Compose provides global cohesiveness, as well as the adaptable functionality needed for ever-changing workstyles and environments.


Adaptable Freedom

Compose can create an extensive variety of cohesive workspaces, from traditional applications to more open, contemporary designs. Easily configure and reconfigure applications to support changing business needs without buying all new components for each reconfiguration. With the versatility of Compose, you’ll always get the most from your investment.

Supporting People and Variety

Especially in shared spaces, it’s important to accommodate a range of workstyles, connectivity needs, and ergonomic preferences. Compose lets you arrange height-adjustable, fixed-height, and mobile worksurfaces in a variety of configurations that allow people to stay comfortable as they move from task to task throughout the day. An array of storage keeps work tools and personal items close at hand when needed and stowed away when not in use. Full power and data are easily accessible at the worksurface or below, providing the ability to plug in and connect to technology all day or whenever it’s needed.


Spine-Based Versatility

Part of the Compose panel system, Compose 26” supports transitional spine-based planning with minimal 26-inch-high panels and freestanding applications. These applications visually and physically integrate with the rest of the Compose panel system, yet can stand on their own with full power, data, and technology connectivity. As an independent system, Compose 26” supports flexibility in storage, worksurface, and table placement—accommodating mobile and fixed-height tables, height-adjustable worksurfaces, and 120-degree applications.

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