Designed by José Serrano

From elemental form to pure design.

SE04 Single Trapezoid
SE04 Double Trapezoid
SE04 Lounge
SE04 Double Square
SE04 Bench
SE04 Single Cube
SE04 Triple Cube

Create expressive atmospheres.

Through playful shapes and unexpected proportions, José Serrano elevates elemental forms to pure design. Colorful square, rectangular, and trapezoidal lounge chairs with attached bolsters, along with cubes and benches, can be arranged in a myriad of configurations. SE04 is a welcoming presence in public areas, lounges, huddle spaces, and meeting places.


Specs & downloads


Product Style Width Depth Overall Height
Single Trapezoid 27.8" 28" 17.5"
Double Trapezoid 45.8" 28" 17.5"
Single Square 31.5" 28" 17.5"
Double Square 63" 28" 17.5"
Double Bench 63" 28" 17.5"
Single Cube 16" 16" 17.5"
Triple Cube 48" 16" 17.5"