02/16/2021 • 2 min read

Pushing Design Boundaries

A devotion to quality and sustainability

by Haworth, Inc.

Color can provide energy and bring life to any design. Kvadrat has been a pioneer in the industry—pushing aesthetic, artistic, and technological boundaries while producing high-performance design textiles, rugs, acoustic and window covering solutions for both commercial and residential interiors. It is Kvadrat’s understanding of color on a global scale—and their uncompromising devotion to quality and sustainability—that has the Spark team inspired.   

“Working with color is like working with humans—you need to make them feel comfortable. So, a strong yellow may need a pale-yellow friend, or a dusty purple uncle, to feel comfortable in the color range.”

Stine Find Osther
Vice President of Design, Kvadrat

Diversity in Design

Kvadrat works with some of the world’s leading designers and emerging talent. “We never design alone,” says Stine. “We strongly believe in collaboration, and that innovation happens best in a dialogue between different people.”

The external designers who work with Kvadrat come from extremely different backgrounds—“from textile geeks who know how to handle the loom, to creators who don’t actually know anything about textiles,” says Stine. Diversity is extremely important in design. Differing perspectives and experiences push the boundaries of what is possible.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Haworth works to make the world better. In our annual CSR, we detail our progress toward sustainability goals and share stories about our people, the circular economy, and our operational performance.


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