At Haworth, we think beyond our business with a collective purpose to make the world better. We are committed to designing products with people in mind while making the best use of the Earth’s resources for a sustainable future. This means supporting a circular economy and making material choices that keep our resources in closed loops—by recycling, reusing, and rethinking our processes.

Novelty is a proprietary, dual-purpose textile in 24 colorways made from post-consumer recycled polyester (54% post-consumer recycled polyester and 46% virgin polyester). Nearly half of its content comes from REPREVE® recycled fiber, which means 17 plastic bottles per yard are diverted from landfill.  In fact, Haworth has been recognized as a REPREVE Champion of Sustainability for its continued commitment to environmental excellence in diverting 16 million* plastic bottles from our lands and oceans.

The color palette ranges from soft light neutrals to saturated colors. Novelty has it all—durability, timeless appeal, sustainability, and budget attainment for your upholstery projects. 

In the textile world, a “novelty yarn” implies a decorative yarn. In its construction, Novelty employs a fancy boucle yarn (French for “curl”), appropriate for seating and vertical surfaces.

Inspired by classic boucle fabrics that span residential and commercial uses, Novelty’s highly textural surface was designed to showcase new yarn developments.  The art and balance of a looping yarn with a classic weave results in this textural, upscale classic.

Best of NeoCon 2022 Sustainability Award – Textiles Upholstery Scapes, Novelty, and Hobson.

See all the colorways and a list of products available with Novelty upholstery. 


*16 million bottles is equivalent to: 151 homes powered for one year, 414,000 kgs of CO2 emissions avoided, or 360,000 gallons of water saved.