A haven for the curious, devoted to curating environments and experiences that uplift the human spirit through unparalleled design

Luminaire stands as a haven for the curious, a destination for exploration devoted to curating environments that uplift the human spirit. Anchored in a unified philosophy, our methodology encompasses design education, boundless inspiration, and impeccable execution. This foundational framework permeates every dimension of our commitment, spotlighting our resolve to democratize access to unparalleled design experiences.

A Commitment to Accessible Design

By pioneering the practice of democratizing design, Luminaire has advanced its mission to interpret how the thoughtful application of “Good Design” principles can enrich people’s lives. Since the beginning, this unifying vision has been the basis for the continual exploration of design and what a luxury home furniture brand can be.

Global Expansion

Today, Luminaire continues to hold true to its hallmark ideals of introducing new markets to the work of innovative international designers and how design can change the way people see, feel, and interact with their environment. What started with Nasir and Nargis Kassamali’s humble desire to share their vision with the wider public has continued to develop into one of the most influential and insightful global voices in modern designer furniture.

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