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Conversations explore the future of work, evolution of the office, culture, engagement and more

February 20, 2023 – Haworth has introduced Work From Anywhere, a Haworth Connect podcast that explores work, space, design and how things get done. Inspiring and knowledgeable guests share what’s new and important in the world of work – whether that is in an office, at home or somewhere in between.

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The first two episodes of this four-part series include:

  • The Future of Work: What Really Attracts and Retains Good People? Flexibility, when it comes to work, isn’t always about schedules and remote work. Today, it comes from culture, leadership, empowerment and the entire work experience. Haworth’s Christine Gritter compares notes and shares insights with a workplace culture expert, Eric Termuende, on the future of work, what really attracts/retains good people and culture shifts that are bringing people back into the workplace. 
  • The Future of Work: Inclusive Design. In physical environments, inclusive design is about making spaces healthier, safer and more convenient for everyone. Building and ADA codes only get partway there. In this conversation, Haworth’s John Scott and Gail Napell of Gensler’s San Francisco office share why inclusive design is so important in the workplace; how it differs from universal design; and why clarity, choice and empathy for all are key drivers.

The Work From Anywhere podcast is available on Apple and Spotify. The next two episodes will launch in March and feature conversations about what people want from the workplace and a hospitality mindset for the hybrid office.


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