Improve engagement, productivity, and health by fostering a happier and more meaningful work experience for your employees.

5 Tips to Foster Employee Happiness | Infographic

Happiness Is an Emerging Global Aspiration

With workplace design, some attempts (think slides, sandboxes, and ping pong tables) have been made to promote fun and social connection. But the conversation is changing. Companies, and even whole countries, aspire to a broader, more enduring outcome than productivity or engagement.

This emerging conversation is around the idea of happiness. Real happiness—and a meaningful life—is not a short-term emotion. It is an enduring state that can lead to productive, engaged, and healthy employees.

Workspace Design and Happiness

There are huge opportunities to effectively use workspace design in a more organic fashion to promote this enduring state of happiness. This translates to space with more flexibility and choice, leading to more interaction. According to the 2017 World Happiness Report released at the United Nations International Day of Happiness, activities that increase social capital—such as support people receive from fellow workers—are connected to happiness and higher engagement.

5 Tips To Boost Employee Happiness

Realistically, not everyone works in a really cool, well-designed office. So, here are 5 tips to help your employees feel valued and promote happiness, no matter where you work.


#1 Legibility

Ensure your employees can see and find each other, they understand the layout of the space and that workspaces and furnishings convey their intended use.

#2 User Control

Increase the control your employees have over their primary workspaces (i.e. adjustability of primary workspace features).

#3 Technology

Ensure that your employees have the right technology in their individual workspaces.

#4 Daylight

Ensure your employees have sufficient access to daylight from their workspaces.

#5 Storage

Provide your employees with adequate storage in their workspaces.

Put happiness to work for you!

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