On Campus:

Solutions for Higher Education

On Campus:

Solutions for Higher Education

When student and faculty expectations, technology advances, and progressive teaching modalities drive change in higher education, keeping up in this fast-paced environment is an ongoing dilemma.

Haworth has a framework, methodology, knowledge, and the products to help you solve space planning challenges on campus.

Campuses that Work

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    Students and faculty need a safe, welcoming atmosphere to promote interaction and collaboration.

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    Flexible and Adaptable

    Spaces that serve multiple uses, change quickly, and accommodate more differing needs are essential for today's campus.

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    Buildings must be workhorses that accommodate the purpose for which they are built, while creating a collegiate atmosphere.

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    Spaces that support multiple teaching and learning styles allow for experimentation and flexibility for both staff and students.

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    Livable 24/7

    It's not just a learning environment–your campus functions 24/7. Lifestyle spaces for work, study, social activities, nutrition, play, rest, and relaxation must complement a safe, secure, easy-to-navigate campus. 

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    Higher education is more than a sticker a sticker price on tuition. It's a return on investment that includes instructors, student services, and administrative support, among other expenses. When you leverage cost effective resources to design spaces on campus, you add value to your offering. 

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    On Brand

    The design, colors, and materials you choose create an inviting environment that also conveys brand to attract prospective students and parents, and engage alumni. 

"Online learning is transforming spaces that universities are building, noting a rise in student demand for ‘hub buildings’, which comprise informal learning spaces, social spaces, IT facilities, dining areas, and counseling services."

- Isabelle Taylor, co-author, University Trends
Head of Research and Publications, Turnberry Consulting

We’ve established a framework and methodology that complements our knowledge and product offering to help you solve space planning challenges on campus. When you partner with Haworth, you’ll be able to transform your campus to meet the needs of students, faculty, and other visitors who are influenced by what you offer.

Competing Values Framework - a model developed from the major indicators of effective organizations that defines four culture types.

Collaboration modes - from social to strategic thinking, tactical execution, presentation, and lifestyle to support how students learn, study, and interact during campus life.

Workstyle knowledge - to address the diversity of how education faculty and staff prefer to perform their job.

Integrated Palette - a family of products that works together seamlessly to adapt to changing needs.

Workware and Bluescape - technology solutions for collaboration in a digital world.


  • OMNIA Partners, Public Sector (cooperative purchasing)
  • Canadian Communities
  • San Diego Community College District (SDCCD)
  • Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)
  • Illinois Public Higher Education Consortium (IPHEC)
  • Inter University Council of Ohio (IUCO)
  • State Contracts may apply

If you would like to know more about Haworth's education program and initiatives, please reach out.

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