Compose® Beam

Designed by Haworth

Today’s workspaces must be versatile, supporting collaboration and communication, as well as individual work. Compose Beam is a freestanding, light-scale, spine-based system solution that provides the versatility and functionality people desire for today’s workstyles and the ever-changing work environment.


Progressive, Light-Scale Design

With its clean, contemporary aesthetic, Compose Beam creates dynamic environments where people can—and want to—do their best work. The open, inviting design inspires creativity and enhances the social connection people desire, helping them feel grounded, invigorated, and empowered at work.

All the Essentials, and Then Some

Especially in shared spaces, it’s important to accommodate a range of workstyles, connectivity needs, and ergonomic preferences. Compose Beam lets you arrange height-adjustable, fixed-height, and mobile worksurfaces in a variety of configurations that allow people to stay comfortable as they move from task to task throughout the day. Essential power and data are easily accessible from the beam, providing the ability to plug in and connect without disrupting workflow.


Efficiency for Open Plans

Utilizing the versatility of a spine-based system, Compose Beam optimizes space in open plans with a variety of workstation options that cater to the diverse needs of today’s workstyles. The off-modular beam provides application flexibility, allowing surfaces, screens, and tools to be placed at any point along the beam, then added or removed as needed.

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