Mobile Carts

Designed by Ergotron

These versatile mobile carts keep people moving. They untether users, freeing them to wheel their technology wherever needed. Compact and adjustable, the carts bring enhanced flexibility, comfort, and well-being to each user. They promote greater efficiency and encourage collaboration in office, education, healthcare and hospitality environments


Keeping People Comfortable

The carts feature a height-adjustable platform surface that can accommodate almost any tablet or laptop. The surfaces allow sit-to-stand freedom of movement and user control. Ergonomically designed, they adjust quickly to fit the spectrum of seated or standing users, helping them reduce eye, neck, and back discomfort.

A Good Fit

Ergotron mobile carts are offered in various styles that can be customized to support a wide variety of work flows and work styles.

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Durable, Dependable Performance

Patented technology in Ergotron mobile carts lends dependable stability throughout the range of height-adjustment. Like all Ergrotron products, they provide great value with years of trouble-free operation.

Specs & downloads

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