12/27/2022 • 3 min read

4 Key Learnings from 2022

Stories and findings that will help you prepare for a successful 2023

by Haworth, Inc.

Our experts spent 2022 sharing how to adapt and improve the workplace to create spaces employees love—and choose to work from. As organizations continue to manage the largescale shifts in the way we work, these Spark articles highlight how resilient and flexible people can be when their spaces support them. We’ve seen the office increasingly become a hub of activity, connection, and collaboration. It’s a good change—especially from the last couple of years—and embracing the potential of people and our workspaces will help us prepare as we look forward to 2023.

Here’s what stood out in 2022.

What Will the Future of the Office Look Like?

We’ve all learned that work can be done anywhere. It’s not about the tasks or activities, but where and how those activities get done. New realities are driving a re-envisioning of the office to adapt to this evolution. Discover 5 crucial themes for fostering connection and culture as the office becomes the hub for organization and employees.   

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Giving People Essential Control over Their Workspaces

Throughout the past few years, people were increasingly strained by the major shifts happening at their workplaces—switching to remote or hybrid work and, more recently, fully returning to the workplace. Find out how providing people with greater control over their workspaces and environment can ease stress and help people feel more comfortable and productive at the office.

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Get Our Guide to Better Comfort and Support

Discover the basics of ergonomics and find out how choosing the right chair can provide the comfort and support people need to get work done.

How to Successfully Adapt Spaces to Changing Work Patterns

With 10+ years of experience researching and developing multi-use spaces and unassigned workstations, we have a plethora of takeaways. The global pandemic gave us the time to rethink what we already know and consider the most recent set of challenges people are experiencing in their ways of working. Here’s how we are applying lessons learned to our Paris-based office.

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8 Trends in the Workplace Today

Factors influencing business decisions have never been more complex. Explore trending topics that are key considerations for organizations in determining how business gets done today.

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More on the Office Hub

The office has evolved into a place of social context—way more collaborative and interactive than it’s ever been. It’s the epicenter of organizational culture and connection. It’s become the hub for group work and collaboration, as well as a desirable destination for individual focus work.

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