1 Inch Table


By Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison leveraged Emeco's hallmarks of strength, and sustainability when designing the 1 Inch tables. The table base has a signature one-inch square aluminum tube, and perfectly complements 1 Inch chairs and stools.

1 Inch Table Overview

    • Base made from 80% recycled aluminum
    • Standard height collaborative table surface in rectangular, or three sizes with round or square top
    • Bar-height collaborative table in two sizes with round or square top
    • Hand-brushed, clear-anodized aluminum and Accoya wood are suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    • Collection also includes 1 Inch chairs and stools
    • USA

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Bar and Standard Hgt, Wood, Lam, and Aluminum Top

Height: 28", 43"

Width: 24", 30", 36"

Catalog Number hcem-1ntc-xxxxxxx


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1 Inch Table Product Sheet