A Vision for the Future

The momentum for change in higher education has accelerated even more dramatically in a new normal brought on by a global pandemic. Higher education institutions must adapt while continuing to meet the needs of a diverse population, empowering people to learn and work to their full potential. We all need opportunities for socialization—and active learning environments are here to stay. Students still place value on traditional classroom settings as they consider a post-COVID-19 world. For now, learning spaces will need to foster confidence in people that their well-being is protected. Individual and collaborative areas will require mobile elements that offer variety, choice, and user control. Leveraging virtual learning and connection is even more critical to keep students, faculty, and staff engaged.

Collaborative space featuring Openest Single Booth, and Openest Chick Poufs.

Every Campus Is Unique

Environments where people learn, work, play, and restore must accommodate a broad range of demographics and workstyles, allowing people to excel to their full potential. Through the breadth of our portfolio, Haworth helps you balance the needs of people and space to nurture culture and strengthen the brand your institution is renowned for—in a campus that reflects this distinction.

Collaborative classroom with Bluescape

Supporting Students, Staff, and Community

Students need fluid solutions that allow for externalizing ideas in global learning environments. Faculty require spaces to focus, research, collaborate, and engage with students through both physical and virtual interaction. Relations with alumni, family, and donors are crucial to sustaining operations and the encompassing community. Intentional partnerships with mutually beneficial opportunities prepare the workforce of the future to contribute to the success of their employers.

We are here to support your organization in all aspects of daily life—helping people learn, work, play, and restore. When you offer students, staff, and community variety and choice, they stay focused on their purpose—why they are on campus.  

Collaboration with coffee and featuring JANUSCafe.

Organic Workspaces for Dynamic Environments

We have a process and a perspective for understanding the higher education environment and how people use it. It’s called Organic Workspace. Leveraging our global knowledge, unique design point of view, and product and space expertise, we combine our collective ideas to create spaces that meet your evolving needs. Now it’s even more critical to remain competitive and innovative. Our portfolio of solutions makes it easy to adapt to change in a COVID-19 world so you can increase the speed of facility transition while maximizing your investment. We’ll help you maintain a high caliber of face-to-face teaching, lab-based research, and residential life for leaders of the future.

Featured Products

Accessories Storage Seating Tables Architectural Interiors
Haworth Planes Accessories cart in white with steel frame and wheels

Planes Ancillary


Mobile Carts


Haworth Technology Accessories Keyboard tray with mouse area in black color

Technology Accessories


Haworth Brazo by Pably Designs Lighting in steel frame


Pablo Designs

Three section X Series recycling unit in white

X Series Recycling




V Series pedestals in gray with locking and file drawers.

V Series


A Series credenza with open shelves and white cabinet doors

A Series


Very Side and Seminar




Poppy Guest


Riverbend Lounge with Pip Laptop Table and Pebble Ottomans

Riverbend & Pebble


Haworth Planes Training Table with maple rectangular top and wheels on legs

Planes Training


Haworth Planes Collaborative Table with circular maple top and steel leg

Planes Collaborative


Planes Value Model Height-Adjustable Tables


Haworth Immerse table with 4 legs and rectangular top



Haworth Pergola Workspace with brown trim and open concept with grey chairs and white veneer storage space

Pergola Workspaces


Haworth Patterns Architectural Workspace with white top and chairs to work at

Patterns Architectural


Haworth Enclose Wall in mock private office space with 2 desks and chairs for private work space



Haworth Enclose Frameless Glass Wall for private office with desl and chairs and storage in back in veneer

Enclose Frameless Glass


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