Based in Denmark, with showrooms around the world, Kvadrat works with the most accomplished designers, architects, and artists to create performance textile solutions with a focus on sustainable fabric. Since the company’s founding in 1968, Kvadrat has been a pioneer in the design textiles industry—with a commitment to color expression, quality, simplicity, and innovation.

Kvadrat continues to invest in and promote evermore sustainable methods of working while pushing the aesthetic, artistic, and technological boundaries of textile design. Kvadrat is highly regarded for their high-design, crafted textiles—which perfectly complement Haworth’s product platform.

In 2018, Haworth launched a partnership in North America with Kvadrat. As two family-owned, design led, global companies that work with world-renowned designers, our relationship is a natural fit, rooted in values—like design and sustainability—that form our collective DNA. Together we offer products that use high-performance fabric and design textiles to meet the needs of clients around the world.

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