BuzziDesk FlipFlop

Designed by Alain Gilles

Moveable, foldable desk divider and instant privacy panel that stows away.

BuzziDesk Flip Flop
BuzziDesk Flip Flop high

Flexible Privacy

Instantly define a quieter and more personal space on virtually any flat surface with BuzziDesk FlipFlop. Everyone appreciates the ease and customization of this desk privacy panel. They decide the degree of openness by angling the side flaps to control sound and visual distraction. In multiples, simply align end to end to form a zigzag. When not in use, BuzziDesk FlipFlop folds completely flat for storage.

Sounds Right

BuzziDesk FlipFlop is upholstered over a honeycomb cardboard core. The core and upholstery combination ensure acoustic performance, reducing the transfer of surrounding noise while providing varying degrees of privacy based on the width and height you choose. Highly functional and in fabrics to complement all BuzziSpace solutions.


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