X99® Seminar

Designed by ITO Design

Designed with people in mind, X99 seminar chairs comfortably seat anyone. Choose the nesting seminar chair for easy storage when not in use, or the advanced seminar chair with a swivel base offering freedom of movement for any workstyle. Supportive, yet flexible and accommodating, X99 feels like it was custom designed for you.

Open Office featuring X99 Seminar chairs
X99 Seminar Chair by Haworth

High-Performance Comfort

X99 seminar and advanced seminar chairs are engineered to maintain the highest levels of comfort, especially over extended periods of time. Both models offer a responsive reclining back to provide anyone—and any body—with a customized sitting experience. You just may find that X99 is the most comfortable meeting chair you’ll ever sit in.

Global Sophistication

With its sleek aesthetic, X99 is comfort and practicality cleverly disguised as art. However you dress them up, X99 seminar chairs have a sophisticated look that complements any environment and beautifully coexists with other furniture in your space. Created from equal parts style and functionality, X99 achieves excellence through synergy and harmony.

Woman sitting on X99 Seminar Chair by Haworth

Responds to Your Needs

Whether on casters or glides, the X99 seminar chair ingeniously nests when not in use to conserve floor space and maximize storage capabilities. The X99 advanced seminar chair adds a swivel star base and height adjustability for ultimate comfort in conference seating or for any task at hand.

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