Designed by Alain Gilles

An acoustic shelter in open spaces for impromptu work or meeting.

BuzziHub Single Booth
BuzziHub Double Booth
BuzziHub Double Booth Side Left
BuzziHub Double Booth Side Right

Offer a Quiet Escape

Creating privacy and an escape from crowded and noisy surroundings, BuzziHub offers individuals and groups an acoustic shelter in open floor plans. Use it as a space to gather and meet, designate it as a central point for social life, or make it an informal meeting room. Place two BuzziHubs together and create a microenvironment to meet with colleagues.

A Sound Sanctuary

With a cover in acoustic foam upholstered in fabric, BuzziHub absorbs sounds and helps reduce noise transferring from one end of the room to the other. Choose from several configurations depending on the space and needs. BuzziHub will make you feel at home, creating a warm and comfortable environment while improving well-being.


Specs & downloads


Product Style Width Depth Overall Height
Single Booth 46.85" 46.06" 74.02"
Double Booth 79.13" 46.06" 74.02"
Double Booth Side Left 81.5" 66.93" 74.8"
Double Booth Side Right 81.5" 66.93" 74.8"

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