Designed by BuzziSpace Studio

Regulate sound with a mountain-like view. 

BuzziFrio Machu
BuzziFrio Pichu
Yellow BuzziFrio Acoustic Solution for Haworth

Explore the Unexpected

Recalling the rocky mountains of Peru, BuzziFrio Machu and Pichu room dividers visually transform interior landscapes while absorbing surrounding sounds. The geometric trio of panels can be mixed or matched in color. BuzziFrio sets the tone for exploration of spaces within boundaries.

Sound Regulation

Apart from dividing larger spaces, BuzziFrio also helps regulate the travel of sound in open spaces. The scale and size of BuzziFrio's three freestanding panels, set closely together, form a large surface area that increases acoustic performance while improving the soundscape in public or private spaces.


Specs & downloads


Product Style Width Depth Overall Height
Machu 56.69" 19.3" 70.75"
Pichu 56.69" 19.3" 70.75"

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