Technology Accessories

Designed by Ergotron

Outfit your workstation with technology accessories to help make you more comfortable at the computer and enhance efficiency. Highly flexible, these options give you more control over your space. The tools fit a wide range of workspaces and workstyles as they accommodate individual ergonomic needs.


Efficient Charging Stations

Secure, store, and charge up to 12 tablets and small laptops in a slim, fan-cooled, wall-mounted cabinet. The smooth-sliding door provides easy access to devices. Loading, unloading, and swapping out devices is quick and easy. The entire charging station is UL certified to guarantee safe use in a classroom, healthcare, or enterprise setting.

Convenient CPU Holders

Ergotron CPU Holders keep CPUs or power supplies close to the action, yet out of the way. Made of durable steel, they are a secure solution that safeguards your investment. They accommodate various CPU sizes and weights and provide mounting versatility to free up work space.


Ergonomic Keyboard Trays

To help you work at your computer in the most comfortable and ergonomic position, Ergotron keyboard trays can be positioned and adjusted to fit each user. By promoting good posture and optimum angles for typing and screen-viewing, they help reduce eye, neck, and back discomfort. Various styles accommodate a range of applications.

Healthful Floor Mats

Ergonomically designed to stimulate blood circulation and prevent fatigue, these floor mats keep you comfortable while you do stand-up computer work. They encourage slight movement of the lower legs so you can stand for a longer time. Premium material ensures full physical support for years to come.


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