BuzziNordic ST100


By Staffan Thomasen

The timeless look of Scandinavian furniture gives backstory to BuzziNordic ST100 with its vintage look. Chic solid wood finishes in traditional or primary colors, topped with fabric cushions, give an at-home feel to seating spaces. Its elegant yet simple design adds personality to lounge areas, lobbies, and hospitality settings. An optional ottoman and footstool invites people to put their feet up.

BuzziNordic ST100 Overview

    • Lounge chair, wide lounge chair, sofa, footstool, ottoman
    • USA
    • Netherlands



BuzziNordic ST100

Footstool, Ottoman, Lounge Chair & Sofa

Catalog Number HCBZ-N1xx-xx


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BuzziNordic ST100 Models

BuzziNordic ST100 Lounge Chair

BuzziNordic ST100 Sofa

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