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Blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors, the space offers a seamless connection to nature. Indoor lounge seating offers a spot to relax and socialize with plenty of access to daylight. The outdoor terrace features durable outdoor furnishings that withstand the elements. Umbrellas help shade areas for long periods of use.

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Haworth Janus Titan Umbrella Accessories with white top and grey base

JANUS Titan Umbrella

JANUS et Cie

Haworth Bandas space runners textured in grey and green color

Bandas Space


Haworth Forest chair in red color in a side view


JANUS et Cie

Slant Chair

JANUS et Cie

Openest Chick Poufs


Haworth Tate Table with square top and four legs

Tate Tables

JANUS et Cie