Compose Connections™

Designed by Bob Wayner

As the entire nature of work changes, so must your workspace. Compose Connections offers a light-scale, adaptable solution designed for quick reconfigurations in open plans. As an independent partition system, it adds flexibility with the ability to place storage and any freestanding table anywhere along the minimalist spine, while providing users with full access to power and data.


Enhances Open Plans

An alternative to traditional panel systems, Compose Connections enhances the benefits of open offices. Lighter in scale, this independent partition system creates personal workspaces with all the user control, accessibility, and functionality people need for individual work, while offering a more open design aesthetic to enhance the group collaboration and communication you want in your environment.


Support for Varying Workstyles

Compose Connections helps you optimize your space with workstation options to support a wide variety of workstyles and tasks. Freestanding desks, as well as fixed-height, height-adjustable, and mobile tables can all be arranged as needed anywhere along the independent spine to create personal workspaces that cater to each user’s needs while supplying easy access to power, data, and technology. A variety of fixed surfaces, storage, and screens can also be attached to provide even more application possibilities.



Designed for Change

Compose Connections is an adaptable platform designed for ever-evolving environments. Simply add or remove workstation elements anywhere along its minimalist spine for quick and cost-effective reconfigurations. Compose Connections also creates unified applications with standard Compose panels and compatible accessories, allowing you to leverage existing system components when transitioning to a more open, collaborative environment.


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