Designed by Alain Gilles

The next generation phone booth for privacy in open spaces. 

BuzziHood Booth
BuzziHood Booth with Tablet

No Disturbances

BuzziHood is an acoustic wall-mounted phone booth providing shelter in noisy surroundings. Designer Alain Gilles creates a solution for carving out nooks for instant privacy and protection in open spaces, enabling you to take or make calls without others eavesdrop-ping on your conversations. Choose between different patterns, flat or three-dimensional, in a range of fabric colors. BuzziHood also comes with an optional tablet making it easier to take notes during calls.

The Phone Booth, Reimagined

BuzziHood is reminiscent of the well-known hoodie, the comforting sweatshirt that both protects you from the cold and your surroundings. The look, on the other hand, evokes memories of the recognizable open phone booth commonly seen in airports, hotel lobbies, or other public places. BuzziHood can be installed anywhere, adding a graphic and architectural appearance. Never again worry about eavesdroppers or disturbing others while on the phone.


Specs & downloads


Product Style Width Depth Overall Height
Booth 35.24" 27.95" 42.13"
Booth with Tablet 35.24" 27.95" 42.13"

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