Designed by BuzziSpace Studio

Manage sound with unexpected spheres in good taste. 

BuzziDonut Small
BuzziDonut Medium
BuzziDonut Large

A Welcoming Circle

Round and welcoming, BuzziDonut is craved in design circles as a sound-absorbing panel with a distinctive central hole to frame an existing light. Create a custom look through an array of fabrics over your choice of a flat finished surface or three-dimensional pattern. BuzziDonut is an architectural element in three sizes that feels equally at home overhead or on the wall in public or private spaces.

Sounds Right

BuzziDonut is engineered to improve sound quality in open spaces as a single architectural element. BuzziDonut complements BuzziSpace acoustic solutions for furnishings and lighting to enhance overall well-being in designed spaces.

BuzziDonut sound-absorbing panel

Specs & downloads


Product Style Width Depth Overall Height
Small 31.5" 31.5" 2.36"
Medium 39.37" 39.37" 2.36"
Large 47.24" 47.24" 2.36"

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