Zody LX


By ITO Design

Inspired by the accomplishments of Zody II, Haworth presents Zody LX: a fully upholstered office chair featuring a luxurious pebble-shaped back. Zody LX offers science-backed, ergonomic comfort in a form inspired by nature, bringing an elegant touch to any workspace.

Zody LX Overview

Zody LX is engineered to maximise your ergonomic support – however you choose to work. Within a sophisticated, organic form, Zody LX builds upon the Zody legacy of informed comfort. The fully upholstered seat and back, available in an extensive selection of premium fabrics, render Zody LX adaptable to a wide range of environments. The sleek, streamlined design of this office chair will be perfectly at home in residential spaces. Zody LX is engineered to suit a diverse range of body types, supporting you across a dynamic range of work postures.

The optional dual posture feature provides informed comfort whether you are sitting or ‘perching’ – a transitional position perfectly suited for sit-to-stand workstations.

    • Distinctive pebble-shaped back design brings elegant biophilic echoes to your workplace.
    • The sleek, organic form of the seat accommodates a wide range of users.
    • Stylish fixed arms create a streamlined aesthetic.
    • 4D arms maximise functionality: adjust for height, side to side, front to back, and arm cap pivot.
    • Flexible inner membrane creates an unparalleled sitting experience.
    • Height-adjustable lumbar support ensures lower back comfort and ergonomic well-being.
    • Y brace offers back support while allowing for torsional movement.
    • The dual posture option supports both seated and ‘perched’ postures, making it ideal for use with a height-adjustable table.
    • Task stool option also available.
    • Certificate - GreenGuard Gold
    • Certificate - BIFMA LEVEL 2 Certified
    • Best of NeoCon - Silver Award
    • Award - Winner of Metropolis Likes
    • Award - Interior Design's Best of Year
    • China


Revit Individual Model

Zody LX - Stool

Zody LX - Task Chair


Haworth Zody LX adjustment video view 1