Service: Analyse office usage

We team with sensor partners to bring you an holistic solution to monitor and learn how your workforce uses its space. Learn patterns around peak times, favourite work settings, and valued workplace resources. This data lets CRE teams, architects, designers and planners make informed decisions for current and future changes of the working environment.

Tool: Office Analytics

Sensor tagging features allow for the data to be collected and later analysed by work sensor type, location on the floor/ building, and allocation to a team or business unit. It also allows for data collection and analysis of other environmental elements such as proximity to power plugs, daylight access, corridors, cafeterias, etc. This feature allows for a much deeper and meaningful data interpretation at reporting time.

Haworth Ideation has formed a collaboration with Freespace, a company specializing in office analytics solutions. Their partnership introduces a comprehensive suite of services, including a booking application, which aims to elevate the office experience and maximize space utilization. By harnessing the power of sensors and an occupancy app, businesses can achieve the following benefits:

  1. Facilitate hybrid work arrangements.
  2. Establish secure and sanitary work environments.
  3. Fine-tune real estate allocations for optimal use.
  4. Cultivate higher employee engagement and satisfaction.
  5. Enhance workplace design and operational efficiency

With a data-driven approach, the Ideation team is poised to deliver strategic insights based on robust data analysis. This empowers businesses to make informed decisions and plan for various scenarios with confidence. By leveraging this wealth of information, organizations can drive innovation, optimize resources, and cultivate environments that foster growth and success.

This collaboration between Haworth Ideation and Freespace exemplifies the fusion of data-driven precision and user-centric design, setting a precedent for a more efficient, adaptable, and impactful future for workspaces.