Haworth’s three pillars—combined—are what differentiate us: Family-Owned, Global Expertise, and Design Led.​ So does our heritage, deepened by three generations of one family and guided by our Values—the cornerstone of our culture.


​As a family-owned, privately held, $2 billion global company, we have the ability to plan for the long term. We don’t make decisions based on a single financial quarter.  We stay the course. Family ownership and accountability lead to Haworth making investments for the future to benefit our clients, members, and communities.​

Global Expertise​

We design, source, and manufacture products in the markets where they are delivered, ensuring solutions are tailored for distinct cultures and client preferences, greater agility, and more sustainable sourcing.  With our global footprint and diversity of ideas, we deliver the best in design thinking to clients wherever they are in the world. 

Design Led​

Haworth balances performance and desire in everything we do for clients.  ​We have Design Centers in Italy, Germany, China, and the US.  ​We also scout internationally for talent and partner with today’s leading architects and designers to bring clients fresh ideas and the best possible products and solutions. ​


Our Heritage

Founded by G.W. Haworth in 1948, Haworth is a privately held, global leader in the contract furnishings industry. What began from humble roots — crafting wood furnishings in a Midwestern town on the shores of Lake Michigan — has evolved into a global company with a focus on Organic Workspace that helps people perform their best.

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Our Values

The Haworth Values define our business behavior and inform our decisions. While they have been modified several times since being committed to paper in 1976, our Values have guided us throughout three generations of family leadership. They are our foundation for today’s activities and tomorrow’s growth—in the global markets we serve and the communities where we live.

We listen to our Customers

We apply their insights to our products and services to design inspiring spaces that enrich people’s lives and businesses. Together with our partners and distributors, we create value using our talents, expertise, and knowledge.

We rely on our Members

Through the boundless potential of empowered and engaged members, we are united in a common vision. Our members bring experience, cultural diversity, and dedication to the customers we serve. We invest in continuous learning intended to help our members flourish.  

We honor Integrity

We believe that honesty, transparency, and accountability are the foundation of trust. We build mutually beneficial business relationships, beyond legal and ethical practices, meeting our commitments while upholding our Values.  

We embrace Continuous Learning

In a rapidly changing world, we seek variety of thought and opportunities to expand our knowledge. By applying this learning every day, we transform our business, enhance our performance, and innovate in ways that exceed our customers' expectations.

We lead with Design

Our family of businesses has a rich history of design and research—from beautiful products to high-performing solutions to inspiring spaces. Our members are encouraged to think creatively, collaborate, and take risks to bring great ideas to fruition.

We create Value

We deliver innovative solutions to satisfy our customers’ unmet needs. Our success contributes to the livelihood and growth of our members, their families, our shareholders, and our entire network.

We work to make the World better

We think beyond our business to our communities. We cultivate hope for the future by embracing diversity, protecting our environment, and creating economic value. In our small way, we help make the world a better place for people to work and live.

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Haworth Portfolio

We design and manufacture product solutions that help you create inspiring spaces. The breadth and strength of our portfolio forms the foundation for creating Organic Workspaces, keeping your business nimble and making the most out of your investment. We’re your partner in transforming space, no matter where you’re located.