Your space supports the performance of your people, organization, and facility. Organic Workspace is Haworth’s process for space design developed from our global knowledge and design point of view. The result? An Organic  Workspace created just for you.​


The performance of your people, organization, and facility are at the center of everything we do. It starts with designing better work environments for people’s needs, then transforming the space to accomplish business goals and optimize real estate.


Our perspective informs how we work with you. It’s shaped from our design point of view, which balances performance and desire, and our global workplace knowledge. This is what drives our product and space solutions.


A series of straightforward steps lead to meeting your workspace goals. Our process can begin at various points, depending on needs. We start by listening to understand your drivers, then delivering and installing the desired solution. We close the loop by assessing results—and continue to evaluate for the future.