Passion for Design & Details

Boss Design is a British manufacturer with an intelligent approach to design that is redefining the modern workplace. Whereas we once relied on architectural intervention to dictate the purpose of a space, Boss creates furniture and seating for world where hybrid working are the norm – pieces that seamlessly transition between formal and informal simply through great design.

Elegant, refined, long-lasting and with exacting attention to detail, furniture by Boss Design will enhance any space.

Design excellence

Grounded in the traditional skills of upholstery and joinery, our design process is meticulous and visionary, aiming to answer the needs of our customers today and in the future. Every piece is repeatedly prototyped until every detail has been perfected and we never rush a product to market. Style, function, comfort – every time.

Sustainability is central

From initial concept right through to the end-of-life plan for a product, we take our responsibility to the environment extremely seriously. Every piece is designed for timeless appeal and built to last using recycled, recyclable and renewable materials wherever possible, and we have rethought our manufacturing process to reduce waste and energy consumption.

Future focused

We work closely with our customers to understand their current and future requirements, then design furniture that is comfortable and ergonomic to use, beautiful to observe and responsible for the planet. Boss Design invests in the latest manufacturing technology, unleashing the creativity of our designers to reach new heights in quality, materiality, sustainability and elegance.

Trusted by the best

Boss Design’s flexible specification options mean you can customise the colour and finish of every piece to suit the aesthetic of your brand and the needs of your workspace. It’s for this reason that we are trusted by organisations large and small around the globe including the likes of eBay, British Airways, Volkswagen and PWC.

Products focus