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Customer Story Ubisoft Montreal Studio

Ubisoft’s global teams create and develop a deep and diverse portfolio of video games, with their Montreal studio creating iconic brands such as Assassin’s Creed®, For Honor®, and more. They are a company of enthusiasts who are eager to share, collaborate and innovate, to make a positive impact on the future of gaming. The company is headquartered in France, but Ubisoft team members come from all over the world and have different backgrounds. They are all passionate about solving exciting challenges every day. Ubisoft’s Montreal location is the largest of their 45+ studios around the world and the largest game studio in the world. The historic space is located in a former textile factory, originally constructed in 1904. In renovating one of the building’s floors, Ubisoft’s goal was to create a space that would “level up” the workplace experience and bring employees together for connection and collaboration.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Project Specs

Largest Game Studio in the World
Project Size: 1 Floor in a 60,000sqm Building
Employees: 4,500+ (Hybrid)

Design Firm

In-House Ubisoft Design Team

Dealer Partner

Cime Business Environments

A New Pilot Space Designed to Support Well-Being

Like many companies, Ubisoft was seeking to understand how to better balance work in the office and remote work in a hybrid environment. They wanted to create and test possible solutions in one space before rolling them out to other spaces of the building and their other studios, worldwide.

One key objective for the pilot space was to find ways to enhance the overall well-being of Ubisoft employees. Specifically, the company wanted to create spaces that support people with the tools they need, while helping them feel comfortable and inspired to come into the office.

In a collaboration with Ubisoft's in-house team and Haworth dealer Cime, the pilot space was designed to be more inclusive to support a neurodiverse population. It gives people a variety of choices in where and how to work, depending on preferences and the different activities they need to perform throughout the day. Ergonomic seating, opportunities for movement, spaces for focus, and acoustic spaces designed for privacy help create the ideal settings for comfort and productivity.

Haworth Poppy chair, Cabana lounge in Ubisoft office space

Building a Flexible and Collaborative Culture

Activities that bring colleagues together help drive Ubisoft’s dynamic culture of collaboration, creativity, and innovation. It was essential to create welcoming, inspiring spaces that reflect the fun and playfulness Ubisoft stands for. Social Spaces designed with flexibility and modularity—for both formal and informal gatherings—entice people seeking a comfortable workplace to come into the office.  

Neighbourhood environments create stronger team bonds, with areas for connecting and catching up, as well as working, brainstorming, and meeting. The rooftop terrace, café, and other social spaces offer opportunities for a variety of diverse group activities and events—from celebrations to wine tasting to beehive workshops.

Sustainability Drives Workplace Decisions

The environmental impact of their business was an important driver for Ubisoft. Creating spaces that optimise on-site power consumption and ensure environmentally sustainable hybrid work is an imperative for their goal of carbon neutrality—and to push the company to go further.

Ubisoft's commitment to the environment extends to choosing products that optimise the use of resources, reduce waste, and encourage a circular economy. They knew they could count on products from Haworth to help them create a new kind of space that not only aligns with the company’s sustainability values, but also nurtures their culture of creativity and innovation.

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A Place Where People Want to Come to Work

For Ubisoft, it was very important to create an office that looks and feels like their people. The new space helps employees feel like they work in a space—and within a culture—that reflects their values. There really is something for everyone, in a space that supports a wide range of people and the many different ways they work.

I'm most proud of the employees for the way they've embraced this space. They're going into the unknown by trusting us and our teams to be able to support them and their activities—and trusting that we have their wellbeing at heart.

Patricia Karchemny

Ubisoft Senior Director, Real Estate and Procurement

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