Service: Employee surveys

In today's ever-changing work environment, having a strong understanding of your organisation's culture, work dynamics, and staff satisfaction with regards to the workplace is crucial. This knowledge enables you to make strategic decisions while respecting your workforce's identity and preferences.

Our personalized surveys can assist you in achieving this, providing actionable insights to help you enhance your workspace and gain valuable understanding of your culture and spatial preferences.


Tool: LENS Surveys

LENS tools provide a strategic framework for workplace projects. They are a set of automated online employee surveys that provide insight to optimise workplace performance, organisational effectiveness and worker satisfaction.

LENS surveys consist of three independent modules:

Culture LENS
An analysis of the current and target culture according to the scientifically proven and recognized model "Competing Values Framework" of Cameron & Quinn.
Detects how your organisation functions and expresses itself.
Ensures that the new space aligns with the strategy & culture

Satisfaction LENS
User satisfaction measurement, before and after changes to the workplace.
Measures employees' perceptions of their work environment.
Identifies opportunities for improvement.

Activity & Mobility LENS
Analysis of mobility and diversity of working styles within the organization
Identifies how workers perform daily activities.
Supports workstyle into office design to ensure people accomplish their best work.