Wycombe Abbey School Nanjing

Since it arrived in Changzhou in 2012, Wycombe Abbey School has been gaining recognition for its academic excellence, quality of teaching and integrated approach to education. In 2021 - after Hong Kong and Hangzhou, a new Wycombe Abbey School opened in Nanjing. Located in Tangshan, Jiangning District, Nanjing, the school covers 112,250 square metres and can accommodate more than 2,000 students. The school - which officially opened in September 2021, offers a high-quality education for school-age students from kindergarten to high school, with residential options for the over-sixes. Embracing the philosophy of holistic education, Wycombe Abbey School not only focuses on academic excellence but also provides a rich and diverse range of learning experiences and opportunities beyond the classroom, dedicated to unlocking the potential of each student's talents and making the dream of "excellence for every child" a reality.


Tangshan, Jiangning District, Nanjing, China

Project Specs

112,250 square metres

Design Firm

EVA Architects

Creating a vibrant learning environment 

EVA Architects, who has been designing educational spaces for many years, adopted an eclectic design approach to create a diverse, flexible, comfortable and vibrant 'blue' learning and teaching environment, which, combined with Haworth's flexible and colourful furniture, perfectly demonstrates Wycombe Abbey School's philosophy of 'excellence for every child'. Every child excels" is the school's philosophy.


Design is the art of differentiation, and the diversity and richness of architectural space are shaped by the many diverse cultures and individuals. The main building features a British-style cloister design, with the theatre, the traditional culture centre, the STEAM centre and the gymnasium all wrapped around the Clock Tower through a weatherproof corridor, providing a beautiful blend of East and West, both independent and yet inter-dependent.

As a continuation and deepening of the architectural design, EVA Architects have created a structured interior space with a dynamic flow and various functional learning and activity areas, allowing students of different ages to move freely and feel the joy of learning, exercising, and communicating anytime and anywhere.


The flexibility of space means freedom of choice and the ability to interchange functions. Through effective layout planning and rational space utilisation, diverse teaching scenarios became more flexible and open. Haworth furniture gives designers great freedom of choice, allowing limited space to be full of infinite possibilities for change.


The wide range of products, with high ergonomic design and a mix of age-appropriate furniture, not only maximises the functionality of the space but also enhances the social character of the areas such as dining rooms, meeting spaces, training areas and libraries, facilitating collaboration and communication.


A well-balanced visual landscape unites culture, builds an atmosphere and brings energy. That is why colours are considered the soul of a space. In educational spaces, colour is even more significant as it fuels emotion and broadens perspectives, but it also fosters logic and organisation and stimulates creativity.

With the iconic 'Veolia Blue' as the primary colour, the designers have developed a secondary colour scheme to suit the age-specific requirements of teaching spaces and the overall colour scheme. In addition, the designers also drew on the extensive colour palette of Haworth furniture to create a bold colour jump, which enhances the ambience and adds a sense of comfort to the space.


As part of the tutor-based homestay system, students spend 24/7 studying and living on campus, so comfort is paramount. In addition to the magic of colour, the good scale of space, good light, sound and thermal comfort, the choice of furniture is also key to enhancing cosiness.

The Very Chair family, designed for a wide range of environments, combines the global design of Haworth with a unique aesthetic language to provide comfort and long-lasting support; the Fern and Zody ergonomic chairs, Haworth's signature office chairs, provide teachers with the energy they need. The Maari chair, with its elegant lines and one-piece moulded shell, offers a relaxed and comfortable way to interact.

As a result, the innovative, flexible, multi-functional and customised Haworth furniture solutions and EVA Architects' space design philosophy complement each other to create a holistic, multi-dimensional and personalised immersive experience for the students and teachers of Wycombe Abbey School, where every student can achieve their full potential! 

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