Designed by Wolfgang C. R. Mezger

torino tables are available with fixed top or flip top, on glides or castors. The fixed models are perfect for creating a more permanent conference room, while the nesting models can easily create a temporary training space.

torino - fixed
torino - flip-top
torino - small flip-top conference
torino conference table with double leg

Large or small meeting circles – torino is a fit for a wide variety of conditions. The shape and size of the table tops can fit perfectly into a given space.

Even extremely large table tops are possible with torino, with dimensions of up to 260 x 120 cm. These tops sit securely on frames with two columns.

Nice and tidy: the torino nesting table has an ingeniously simple and stable mechanism, making it very intuitive to operate and stack. Even the larger size tables become so small that many tables can be stored in minimal space. it can all be done by a single person because torino can be folded and transported with just one hand.

Even with a large top, the torino table flips easily for efficient storage
torino conference tables can be configured in a doughnut shape

The simple handling also makes it very flexible to use. It does not take long to arrange the greatest variety of configurations in the room. Thanks to numerous additional modules, it can be used in a great variety of situations. And thanks to its clear formal language, it also proves visually compelling.