Haworth Collection represents a world-class offering of lifestyle designs that can enrich your workspace. Featuring designers from around the world, the portfolio enables contemporary environments and inspires new thinking.

Through its brands, the collection leverages tradition and innovation to elevate every day work.

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Make Inspiring Spaces

Talented people are on the move—they can work anywhere they choose, often seeking out comfortable spaces with a distinctive residential appeal.

Haworth Collection helps to create environments where people feel invigorated and empowered. Its unique portfolio supports a variety of work styles and landscapes, enabling an experience tailored to individual needs.

Design Heritage and Innovation

Haworth Collection represents more than 100 years of design heritage and innovative thinking from world-renowned brands, offering you an array of designs and applications for any environment.

Many of its products utilise a unique craft approach -combined with a strong personality and a mixture of materials, textures and colours - in order to create a sense of destination and place.