Milan Design Week 2024

Salone del Mobile in four acts

The biggest design show in the world returns – and Haworth brings you right to the heart of the action. Learn from creative minds. Discover the latest trends. Explore Milan – a city with surprises and secrets around every corner.

The stunning, the surprising, the spectacular: we present to you Milan Design Week 2024, a story told in four acts.

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Daily Recaps: Salone in Four Acts

Legends of design. Dazzling up-and-comers. Stunning surprises.
We present the story of Milan Design Week 2024 in four acts.  


Act I: The End (and the Beginning)

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Act II: Big Changes (and Little Bees) 

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Act III: The Stunning, the Surprising, the Spectacular

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Act IV: The Beginning (and the End)

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Salone 2024 Trend Report

Salone del Mobile is more than a weeklong celebration of design. Each edition of this marvellous event lingers, inspiring creative minds all over the world for years to come.

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