About Ideation

Haworth is more than just a global office furniture manufacturer. We also invest in research to learn more about how people work, how they use their office space, and how to leverage this information to create the most efficient spaces for the happiest people to do their best work.

Ideation at Haworth is a team of experts specialised in workplace strategy and design.  We work with Architects, Designers and Project Management Consultancies to help clients analyse their work environments and create flexible, optimised and inspiring workspaces based on data & research. We put the user at the heart of our approach without neglecting real estate performance and Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Our approach

Our Ideation consultancy tools are designed to support you in making the right decision at any stage of your project. Engage our experts to accompany you through one stage or throughout the entire process.

Four Stages: Understand. Analyse, Create, Evaluate


Before the project begins, ensure you bring key stakeholders together to understand your company culture, how your employees work best, and how the building or space you inhabit can cater to these needs. Tools like the Business Fingerprint can help you define shared priorities and envision the right direction for the project.

Tools: Business Fingerprint,

Activities: Visioning Workshops, Stakeholder Interviews


At an early stage of a project, it is important to measure whether the space and the staff are aligned with the organisational strategy and culture. Surveys and workshops can measure employee perception while on site sensors can detect how the space is used, offering insights into office design improvements to ensure people accomplish their best work.

Tools: LENS Survey, Office Analytics,

Activities: Mapping Workshops. Occupancy data review

Create / Translate

Once the project is underway, or approaching completion, digital tools such as CoDesigner or Augmented Reality can help truly visualise the space while allowing for easy adjustment. Workshops can introduce conceptual spaces and specific furniture elements. Real physical pilot spaces allow for genuine interaction with the space.

Tools: CoDesigner, Personalised Playbook

Activities: Conceptual Design, Strategic Space Planning, Visualisation (VR/AR)

Implement / Evaluate

Office redesign is never truly complete. At the end of a project, it’s essential to continue evaluating how the space performs and keep measuring utilisation and engagement. The LENS survey includes a post occupancy version. Analytics sensors can continue to monitor the space, and CoDesigner can envision revised layouts based on changing circumstances.

Tools: LENS Survey (post occupancy), Office Analytics, CoDesigner

Activities: Workplace Etiquette, Focus Groups