Bilibili Gaming Club

You've played a lot of games, but have you ever come across an e-sports club?

The newly completed Bilibili Gaming Club is located in an industrial park in Baoshan District, Shanghai. As you approach the club's front door, you are filled with a warm sense of home. With Bilibili Gaming's signature blue and pink colour scheme and a design language inspired by gaming, the club perfectly showcases Bilibili Gaming's brand upgrade and corporate culture, blending gaming style with comfort.


Shanghai, China

Project Specs

Project Specs: 1822 sqm
Delivery date: January 2023

Design Firm

Shanghai Mengdi Architecture & Design Co.

In the Chinese eSports market, Bilibili Gaming's new eSports club brings a refreshing and innovative feel with its cutting-edge concept. The fundamental idea revolves around prioritizing people, which is evident not only in carefully dividing the responsibilities for each club function but also in designing the furniture to serve people's needs instead of forcing people to adapt to the environment. The flexible, collaborative, and focused zoning concept enables the entire team to collaborate seamlessly between virtual and physical spaces, allowing them to choose the most suitable workspace for any given activity, whenever and wherever required.

To alleviate the mental and physical stress caused by the players' intense daily training, the Cabana Lounge and Riverbend sofas create a comfortable homely atmosphere. Additionally, the Maari dining chairs and Intuity ParkBench high and low tables provide a delightful setting for the players to enjoy meals and engage with one another. In the training room, the HAT Elements and Fern gaming chairs allow everyone to tailor their space, creating an almost symbiotic relationship. Since they play for more than 10 hours a day, this enables them to perform at their peak.

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