Maari lets you furnish many spaces with a family of seating—one of the largest in the market. Designed by Patricia Urquiola, Maari is based on a one-piece, delicately textured, moulded shell that’s the same for all chairs. Choose any base with the same shell for a breadth of applications.

Maari Overview

The Maari family of seating brings interiors to life through simple specification for a range of applications. Maari is everywhere—its gentle and inviting design offers simplicity and warmth in an aesthetic that provides balance within a space. With a wood base, Maari offers timeless classic seating to complement almost any interior— from traditional to contemporary.

The wood base is responsibly sourced, certified by PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) When upholstered, Maari is available in Oceanic fabric, made entirely of plastic recycled from marine debris and other post-consumer waste.

    • Recycled content = 29%.
    • Poland

Revit Files

Individual Family Files

Maari - Leg Base Chair

Maari - Star Base Chair

Maari - Stool

Maari with Tablet - Star Base


Revit - All Chairs


Choose not to waste​

Make a step further with us on a sustainable journey. Opt now for a new version of Maari, with a 100% recycled plastic shell. The black Maari shell is out of 100% recycled material and up to 100% recyclable when not upholstered. By partnering with European suppliers, we ensure shorter transport distances for the Maari parts and thus reduce environmental impacts from upstream transportation.

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