Our Sustainability Commitment

We think beyond our business with a collective purpose to make the world better. As we strive to be a sustainable organization, Haworth empowers and engages its members in practices and processes that positively impact our global communities, economy, and environment. We’ve set ambitious targets in each of our key areas of focus, which are outlined at the end of each section throughout the page.

Sustainability is a companywide commitment informed by and integrated into our business strategy. Governance is led by the Haworth Board of Directors and Executive Leadership team.


Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Making the world better is one of Haworth’s foundational, company-wide values. This philosophy guides our members every day. Through our research, development, and the actualization of creative, sustainable solutions, we help protect and restore the environment, support and strengthen global communities, and inspire well-being, creating shared value – now and for the future.


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Our Journey

  1. Opened 19,000 sq. ft. Recycling Center at HQ.
  2. ISO 14001 certification.
  3. Corporate Sustainability Report*.
  4. HQ LEED NC Gold certified
    Organic Workspace Strategy – sustainable spaces.
  5. Landfill Free North America manufacturing + HQ*.
  6. Landfill Free Global manufacturing + HQ*.
  7. Beijing Showroom LEEDv4 Gold certified**
    Launched Haworth’s banned chemical commitment.
  8. Shanghai Showroom certified to WELL Silver level.
  9. New accredited European LEVEL
    Launched Digital Knit technology* no cut/sew/scrap.
  10. Established Long-Term, Global Sustainability Commitments.
  11. Oceanic fabric introduced in North America.
  12. Committed to SBTi
    100% renewable electricity used in Europe manufacturing.
  13. Zody II & Zody LX are Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze.
  14. SBTi validated Net-Zero Targets*
    EcoVadis Gold rating 8th year in a row.
* First in industry | ** First in the world


Our Goals

As part of our sustainability journey, we committed to a set of goals to be achieved by 2025 across three key pillars of our organization: People, Circular Economy and Operational Performance. As we reflect on our progress in 2023, we are proud to highlight the significant progress we have made toward achieving these goals.


We empower our 8,000 members around the world to connect and bring a spirit of optimism, drive, inclusiveness, and appreciation for service.
We recognize that our success is intrinsically linked to the health and vitality of the communities where we live and work. It is an honor and privilege to apply the assets, capabilities, and resources that help make us successful to efforts that help communities thrive.

2023 Highlight
In 2023, over 450 Haworth Members at international level (EMEA & AP) volunteered, contributing 2324 hours across 34 activities. Environmental protection accounted for 47%, focusing on beach cleanups, tree planting and many others. Our commitment to our members and its communities drives impactful initiatives spanning social services, health, well-being, and education.

We are focused to continuous learning through global programs of member performance and development. Since 2021, we have implemented globally aligned diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) required training modules to raise awareness and enhance understanding among our global members on principles necessary to uphold DEIB practices.

Circular Economy

A circular economy optimizes continual use of resources, reducing waste, and enabling a closed loop system. It is one of the biggest opportunities to design a sustainable future – and an essential part of our strategy.

2023 Highlight
Circular Design
In 2023, new product developments continued to undergo multiple reviews along the design and development process to ensure principles of circular design are incorporated. Each program is evaluated for sustainable materials utilization, product use extension, and responsible product end of life.

Second Life Pilot
Haworth International is currently running a pilot program to establish second-life programs across our many markets. Second-life programs will remain a key part of our emissions reduction efforts in the years to come.

Product End-of-Life Program
In 2023, Haworth continued expanding its network of partners for circular services and educating both internal and external stakeholders. Through our partnerships globally, we refurbished over 16,000 units to ensure product use extension and found responsible product end-of-life sources for nearly 300 tons of products.

Operational Performance

As we focus on improving our global footprint, manufacturing and environmental responsibility are not trade-offs – neither are profit and people. We continue to seek opportunities to address the environmental impact of our business in all facets of our operations.

2023 Highlight
Validated SBTi Net-Zero Targets
In the near-term, by 2030, we have committed to reduce operational emissions by 60% and reduce supply chain emissions by 42% (compared to 2021 levels).
In the long-term, by 2050, we have committed to reduce both operational and supply chain emissions by 90% (compared to 2021 levels).
We are also striving to reduce our product-level emissions through strategies like sourcing higher recycled-content and low-carbon materials, creating lighter weight designs, and optimizing shipping solutions.

Holistic Product Certifications
Certifications offer a common methodology to present the environmental and social characteristics of products, and product manufacture sites. With 107 products certified under the BIFMA LEVEL program (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association Product Sustainability Standard) and 30 products certified under the European LEVEL program (European Office Furniture Federation Sustainability Standard), Haworth continues to be an industry leader in achieving global accredited certifications, providing customers the ability to make informed choices.

Gender Pay Equality

Haworth France has achieved a rating of 97/100, as per the statistics collected in 2023 from an analysis encompassing 190 employees spread across 3 office locations in France.
Haworth is committed to gender pay equality, and we are dedicated to maintain this achievement while striving for even greater transparency on this aspect.


Value Cycle

Becoming a sustainable corporation involves commitment by all our members, suppliers, and partners. To help translate our strategy, we use a value cycle that serves as a framework to guide our actions.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Continue managing quality, environment, health, and safety, as well as maintaining ISO certifications. Optimizing global resource use, including energy, water, waste, and carbon reductions. 

Supply Chain

Engaging with supplier partners in continuous dialogue to ensure responsible sourcing and carbon reductions.

Continued & After Use

Providing life cycle assessments and maximizing product life spans. Supporting customers by educating on landfill alternatives and offering tailored circular service solutions. 

Usage & Performance

Earning top certifications, promoting healthy spaces, and fostering well-being.


Designing with people and the environment in mind, through sustainable material choices and the avoidance of harmful chemicals.

People & Community

Strengthening members, communities, and the marketplace by helping to restore the environment and protect ecosystems; supporting people through volunteerism, health and safety protocols, and continuing education. 

Pushing the Boundaries of What’s Possible

We are committed to our stakeholders and continuously strive to improve our resilience in the global market. We achieve this by aligning ourselves with standards and certifications that reflect our sustainability values.


Ecovadis Sustainability Rating Gold


Products certified for low indoor air emissions (Greenguard and SCS Indoor Advantage Gold)


Products certified EU Level 3


Making Products with Circular Economy in Mind

A circular economy requires that products are designed so that all materials flow in closed loops where materials are reused, repaired or recycled.

By integrating our Circular Design Philosophy into the development of all our new products, we adhere to three fundamental principles throughout the design process: utilizing sustainable materials, extending product use, and ensuring responsible end-of-life product management. This philosophy drives our innovation, enabling us to close loops and progress towards a more responsible, sustainable future.

Haworth Cardigan

Jessica Karp highlights the sustainable elements of Haworth Cardigan Lounge.

Maari Recyclable Shell

Learn more about how we made Maari's seat shell more sustainable.

Oceanic Fabric

Showcases how discarded ocean plastics are transformed into high-quality fabrics.


Additional Sustainability Briefs

Explore our commitment to transparency and eco-conscious practices as we share insights into our initiatives, demonstrating our dedication to building a greener, more sustainable world.

Sustainability Policy & Strategy

Haworth is committed to sustainability and values people and the environment. The company has ambitious sustainability targets based on its core strengths and heritage.

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Sustainable Wood
Haworth prioritizes responsible and sustainable sourcing of wood, recognizing its value as a renewable resource and its ecological and sociological aspects.

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Material Chemistry & Transparency
Haworth provides safe and healthy products and is transparent about its material chemistry. The company aims to reduce potentially hazardous chemicals beyond regulatory restrictions.

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Carbon Accountability

Haworth recognizes the severity of climate change and its consequences if left unchecked. The company feels a sense of obligation and opportunity to make an impact.

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International Circular Services

Haworth is committed to supporting a circular business model, shifting from a linear to a cradle-to-cradle approach. The goal is to keep valuable resources in high-quality use cycles.

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Sustainable Building Contributions

Haworth recognizes the impact of the built environment on climate change and is committed to improving its sustainable building practices to benefit user well-being and protect the environment.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Haworth's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion continues to evolve as the company grows. The company values understanding, respect, and support for all its members.

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