Making the impossible possible.

1977: In a second-hand VW Bulli van, Rolf and Helena Brunner set out to complete an order for a customer that their former employers had declared "impossible". At the same time, they decided to found their own company. Today, more than 40 years later, the principle remains the same: the next innovation could be anything – just not impossible.

We live for furniture that makes new things possible.

Solutions that fit perfectly.

Brunner is known for having an in-depth understanding of their customers. The product range is innately versatile. As a family business, rooted in Baden, Germany, Brunner products are "made in Germany" and benefit from being anchored in a culture rich in industrial history and manufacturing expertise - combining modern and traditional production methods in their manufacturing. Alongside renowned designers, Brunner creates furniture of the highest quality that combines aesthetics and functionality.

Brunner & Haworth Collection

With over 40 years of expertise, Brunner complements the portfolio of Haworth Collection with quality engineered products that help to design comprehensive and supportive work environments. Being a family owned business, Brunner constantly thrives for the ideal customer solution, combining engineering quality and distinctive design. With Brunner as part of Haworth Collection, the portfolio is able to create workspaces that enrich culture and support innovation in every space.