Upcoming Events

The Future of Technology + Medicine with Dr. Adam Gazzaley

September 17, 2020 (Thursday)
8pm (GMT) / 9pm (CET) / 11pm (GST) / 12.30am (IST) / 3am (SGT) / 5am (AEST)

We are ushering in a new era of experiential medicine—using novel and future technology as cognitive treatments. Adam Gazzaley, MD, PhD describes his development and use of the first FDA-cleared digital treatment for ADHD and the first video game cleared by the FDA as a medical device. In this presentation, Dr. Gazzaley also shares digitally-delivered interactive experiences with innovations in machine learning, virtual reality, physiological recordings, and non-invasive electrical brain stimulation to enhance cognition.

Making Work From Home Work: A Look At Ergonomics At Home

September 24, 2020 (Thursday)
9am (GMT) / 10am (CET) /12pm (GST) / 1.30pm (IST) / 4pm (SGT) / 6pm (AEST)

In the current climate of uncertainty, many of us are being asked to shift our workplace to our home. Despite this disruption to work norms, there are ways to make your time at home equally productive and positive. 

In this webinar, Dr. Teresa Bellingar, Haworth Senior Corporate Ergonomist shares with us how we can apply ergonomic principles to our work set up at home.