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Haworth is a global office furniture company. At the core, we design and manufacture office furniture, but we also perform in depth workplace research, so we understand people and spaces and trends in the office world. This enables us to offer strategic services to help companies design and plan their entire office space to get the most out of it.

Haworth is headquartered in the USA, and Haworth International is a combination of EMEA and APAC. Across these regions, Haworth employs thousands of people, drawing on their diversity in knowledge and skills to fuel our innovative and collaborative spirit.

We’re always seeking talented, engaged people to work with us in various positions, from professional to technical and manufacturing roles. If you're looking for a job near you, we have offices across Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

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Work Culture

Here’s why Haworth is a great place to work.

Design Led

We balance performance and desire in everything we do. Our family of businesses has a rich history of design and research—from beautiful products to high-performing solutions to inspiring spaces. We encourage our employees (or as we call them, Members) to think creatively, collaborate, and take risks to bring great ideas to fruition.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Haworth, you get to be you. That’s what family is all about. We celebrate diversity’s difference—in the product materials we source from worldwide and the people we employ and work with. We believe all expressions of ethnicity, race, religion, and orientation belong—they make our company better and the communities we serve stronger.

Intercultural interaction

We’re committed to encouraging, valuing, and respecting the many backgrounds and cultures of all our members and the contributions they bring to the Haworth family.

"There is not a thing that you're doing that you can't be doing better."

- Dick Haworth

Family Spirit

Human connection, family values and social responsibility

Human connection
As a private company, we take great pride in our corporate values, prioritising people and the world we live in. We view the work environment as a tool to promote well-being, and we apply this same philosophy to our organisation, supporting you to live your best life—at work and home.

Family values
Haworth began in our founder’s garage, and since then, three generations have been guided by core values that include how we live and operate in global markets.

These values define our business behaviour and inform our decisions, guiding today’s activities and tomorrow’s growth. As our family continues to expand and evolve, so too do the ways we understand, respect, embrace and support all our members.

CSR – targets for sustainability
We’re on a journey—one that promotes longevity and delivers value to the people, communities, and planet we serve.

As a sustainable organisation, we empower and engage our members in practices and processes that positively impact our global communities, economies, and environments. We think beyond our business with a collective purpose to make the world better, using our values as our guide. This approach helps us do great things for generations to come.


Teamwork, support, respect and fun

We’re in your corner

We’re highly collaborative in our work because we believe it’s the best way to get things done. Members around the world connect to bring a spirit of optimism, drive, and inclusiveness to everything from workplace research, product design, material science, ergonomics, global sourcing, manufacturing, and more.

Support & respect

Our business is about solving workplace challenges—and that includes our own. We work together seamlessly to find the right solution, always respecting each other’s input. You’ll never need to solve a problem alone.


We work hard, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while we’re doing it. Haworth is a great place to build strong working friendships bolstered by our supportive, respectful, and collaborative culture.

Learning opportunities


We empower Members through a vast array of purpose-driven experiences, continuing professional development, and leadership training opportunities.

Our Haworth Leadership Institute focuses on supporting member engagement, coaching, and development globally. It inspires participants to build relationships across borders and boundaries to increase global awareness and provide a safe space to experiment, learn, and grow.

Forge Your Own Path

A world of possibilities

Haworth offers unlimited ways to build a brilliant career. Choose your own adventure from opportunities in more than 50 offices worldwide. Get exposure to different departments and expand your skills as you go.

Excellence recognised

We recognise members who strive to make our workplace and the world a better place. Our annual Dick Haworth Values Award honours those who listen to our customers, empower and engage other members, display integrity, lead with design through creative thinking, drive continuous improvement, and embrace diversity, sustainability and creating economic value.


Work-life balance

Just like a family, we care about our members’ well-being at and outside work. That means we promote authentic connections, real conversations, and making sure your work-life balance is perfectly weighted for you to thrive.
At Haworth, we care about the health and wellness of our members, which is why we offer a competitive benefits package that includes paid vacation time, paid holidays, personal leave, and parental leave.

We also create programs and services to promote well-being, including wellness fairs, health and fitness benefits, and counselling for a range of challenges, including daily stress, conflict, financial pressures, and other professional services.


We foster workplaces that make it easy to share your unique creative ideas and the autonomy to decide the best course of action to move our organisation and your career forward.  


Open door policy

Our award-winning workspaces encourage all Haworth members, regardless of their roles and responsibilities, to engage with our leaders, managers, and each other.

The first thing you’ll notice is there are no doors in a Haworth workplace and no private offices—reflecting our values of remaining open to new ideas in everything we do.


Openness is part of our DNA. Our leadership regularly communicates company decisions and directions to members, so you’ll always know what’s happening in our organisation.



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