Service: Space Applications Playbook

The Ideation Team can support your organization, combining strategic insights with practical solutions to create thriving work environments:

Our aim is to better understand your organization's operations and the different workstyles within your business. With this knowledge in hand, we create personalized furniture solutions that cater to your specific requirements, ensuring your workspace is both functional and comfortable. We are dedicated to crafting work environments that not only reflect your company's culture but also support your team's productivity and well-being, ultimately contributing to your business's success.

By leveraging on the Haworth Space Model, an extensive toolkit designed to help you determine the optimal spatial arrangement for your workplace, we can assist you in identifying the ideal mix of individual, collaborative, and social applications that align with your business needs.

Personalised Playbook

Tool: Haworth Space Model

The Haworth Space Model is a global framework for defining the office environment, tailoring space types to various activities. This engaging workshop exercise is suitable for businesses or project teams. It encourages the exploration of design solutions that enhance productivity, collaboration, and the social aspect of the workplace, meeting the diverse needs of office occupants. Through the Haworth Space Model workshop, participants gain insights to create a workspace tailored to their organization's requirements, fostering a more productive and innovative environment

Existing guidelines review

Through careful design and thoughtful planning, we empower organizations to create environments that not only boost creativity and efficiency but also contribute to the overall well-being of their teams. In addition to our core services, we also offer expertise in reviewing and enhancing existing workplace guidelines for our clients. This ensures that your organization's guidelines stay relevant and effective, fostering improved productivity, collaboration, and overall success.


Personalised Playbook

These settings and spaces support individual routine work and daily tasks that require some level of concentration yet can be interrupted, usually among other employees, more seldom in an individual office or setting.


Personalised Playbook

These are areas dedicated to group meetings where there is to be a main speaker who needs the aid of a screen. The meeting goal is to convey information, including but not exclusive to in-service sessions, job related updates and knowledge sharing. Participants not presenting need a surface on which to take notes or use a laptop, and have comfortable seating for the duration of the presentation session.

Social / Restorative

Personalised Playbook

These are informal spaces for social interaction with colleagues or other visitors to the space. They are usually created with comfortable low set lounges or other soft seating, with coffee height tables and sometimes a workable surface depending on the need. A small kitchenette or coffee station is recommended. They are to foster casual interactions, whether spontaneous or planned, and be used for activities up to 2hrs.